I wanted to stream tonight, but after dinner. So I thought after doing some necessary shopping that I would nap for a half hour.

Three hours later...

I did stream. A good mirror match of Grixis Midrange. I’m really torn on that deck and Snakes and Ladders. I had a terrible performance at a PPTQ with Snakes on Sunday, but then got second in a Standard Showdown. I could probably have both decks sleeved up, although they do share some cards and just play in the Standard events available for the time being. No more PPTQs for a while.

GP Kyoto is coming up and I’m sad I don’t have a team to play in the main event, but I’ll be rolling some side events and that should be fun. I put together a different Modern deck since Mono Blue Living End has been performing poorly since Bloodbraid Elf came back, so I’ll throw this new deck around a bit and maybe play some Modern at the GP. Or Legacy. It’s been a while since I really played my Delver deck, but it’s been Standard time. Last winter had a bunch of Legacy events.

I was real down yesterday but feel a bit better today, even though I had a troll show up in my stream. Oh well. Ban and move on. People, though. Sheesh.