There are two decks I played today. One had some bad luck in a league and I went 1-4. Then I played it again in the evening and went 4-1. Then I took another deck and won two games in a row in a league.

I don't know which one to take to the PPTQ tomorrrow.

One is Grixis Energy and the other is Sultai Snake. Both worry me because they are three color decks, but when they go, they go hard. And I like both of them. It really ends up being what is going to be at the PPTQ tomorrow, and I just don't know.

My PPTQ results as of late have been less than stellar, and I just have this unfortunate "hunch" that whichever I pick will be the wrong one. I have been playing decks similar to Grixis Energy recently and I feel able to play it.

But I am not unfamiliar with Sultai Snake and it seems to have some answers that Grixis just doesn't. But then again Grixis has some stuff that Snake doesn't.


I guess I'll sleep on it and toss a coin in the morning. You know that old trick. It's not the coin result that matters but how you feel after the coin is flipped.

My worry is that I will feel indecisive still.