Having fun again

Somehow I felt like I had more fun tonight at Friday Night Magic than I have in a while.

During the Standard tournament I played UB Midrange and during the Modern one I played Mono Blue Living End. I went 2-1 and 1-1 respectively, so while not the best records, (and holy shit can Tron punish slow hands) I just had fun.

And it's not like I have been taking a break from Magic. I have been streaming a lot this week. In fact more that I have in a long time because of Arena. But something just kind of "snapped" and I was having fun even though I wasn't necessarily doing perfect plays. I did make a mistake that cost me game three of the third round of Standard, but I left feeling good instead of ashamed of myself.

I don't exactly know where this mood change came from, but I like it and I hope I can keep it up.