More losing

Three 1-2 nights in a row.

Now here is my conundrum. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the preparing to play Magic. I generally enjoy half of my games, win or lose. It’s the after time when I see how bad I did overall that I just get a kick of those depression moments.

And that’s not good. Now there are two parts to it. I have to recognize that it is a feeling and I have to also not let it impact my life too negatively.

It’s not just the game. It’s life in general. Things are happening and recently I’ve been overall going downhill.

I doubt I could read them since my handwriting is so bad, but I should check my diary from last year. See how I was. It’s not to compare in the sense of making myself feel better or worse, but to be honest with myself and my feelings.

But I know right now I am not content with my results playing Magic. I’m still enjoying my leisure time, but something is not right. And I need to figure out what that is.