Practice makes... something?

I went 3-0 in tonight's Standard Showdown and between prize points accumulating and some trade-ins, I was able to acquire a Jace, the Mind Sculptor for, well, an acceptable price. So that was cool.

But going 3-0, that hasn't happened in a while. Some luck? Yes. Some good plays? I think so too. But more familiarity with my deck (Grixis Midrange) and keeping up the practice with it has gotten me better than when I was switching decks each week. Even if Grixis Midrage isn't the best deck in Standard (and it probably isn't) I have gotten used to the deck enough that I am playing better. I am feeling good about the upcoming PPTQs.

Although I cannot expect too much.

Still, it felt good to just play my deck right. I have to remember I'll still have some bad luck and perhaps still have more to learn, but I am clearly improving even if it is slightly so. That's positive.