You can't do it all

GP Kyoto started today. I'm not playing in the main event becaue I could not find a team. Part of me worries this is because of personaility issues I have. Who knows.

But three days of Magic is a little vacation I will give myself. The schedule is packed with events but I only found myself able to do two today. A sealed tournament, where I went 3-1 and got twenty packs as a reward and a "Chaos" draft of Theros, Aether Revolt and Masters 25. I got a Walking Ballista and a Grenzo, which both proved to do well. Not well enough as I lost the secound round, but still got three packs for my trouble.

And by then it was 8pm! I had signed up for the first tournament at a bit after ten, the second a bit before five and that was it. Somehow I was convinced I would get more in, but I did not. At least I had some fun.

Two more days. Standard and Modern are my plans for tomorrow, then Legacy on Sunday. Maybe I'll round it off with a draft or a side event of Modern. I have two Modern decks built. I should give them a spin.