Friendly play

I have been yelled at twice on Magic Online for playing netdecks. Since I would rather focus on getting good with decks that are good than trying to reinvent the wheel, or come up with the next great deck. Major respect to those who do, but that is not what I want to spend my time doing.

So it is a good thing that newer games will not have chat boxes. cough

But it was interesting. These people were so upset with my game choice. Now, granted I am playing in the “Friendly” league, but it offers the best value for my money. And I am mostly working on getting better at playing the deck. A 2-3 with no prizes is just not something I am willing to spend cash on when it comes to Magic Online.

I was called slurs, I was told that I was ruining the game and that I had mental deficiencies. This was upsetting only in the fact that it was a reminder of these kinds of people existing in the world. I get that some people do not have money for the “tier one” decks - and to be fair I had to win and sell prizes to be able to afford some things in my deck. But I got there. And now I am trying to get better.

Should I be playing in the “Competitive” league? Maybe, but it seems like too much of a risk for me. Plus, I am a doofus. I nearly lost against one of these complainers becuase I pressed the wrong button. So my own play is not on the level of my deck. That is fine. I will work and get better.

But goodness, these people sure are upset I didn’t come and play with my own “original idea”. Nevermind that neither of their decks were “original”. I had seen version sof them before. Maybe they came up with the deck on their own and that made them feel good. More power to them. I am here to get better and win. I know I won’t change these people, and perhaps I egged them on too much (I noted that I changed one card in the decklist as I only have two Chandras and did not feel like shelling out the $20~$30 for another. An Angrath went in and did fairly well.) but if you’re going to lob insults at me, I am going to be as kind as I can in the hopes that you just get pissed off. Because that’s funny to me.

Won both of the matches, too.