Save your money

I was doing good over the past few months with not buying things I didn't need. But when I stopped by one of the stores I frequent, the owner told me he'd give me a deal on a box of Masters 25 since the whole Iconic Masters situation was a mess. I agreed.

When the spoilers came out I was overall not enthused, but this store already had my pre-order, I was making good translation money at the time and since the store owner lets me use his parking, I save money when I go there, so buying a box once felt like I was doing something good for everyone.

Fuck, the pulls in Masters 25 can be bad. I watched two people open up bad boxes, and I had mine sitting in my bag hoping that it would have something good. I decided to bring it home and stream my opening of it.

I learned two things.

One, my webcam is much worse than I thought it was and my apartment does not have the lighting for proper "unboxing" streams.

Two, don't buy fucking Masters 25.

Seriously, it wasn't even funny, it was just a sad box. I streamed it, thinking a Jace pull would be glorious, a Tree pull would be funny and I could get something of value out of it even if the box wasn't great. But it wasn't even bad in a funny way.