That damnable land

I lost again because I played the wrong land. I didn't think through my possible hits off of Gonti, and it was a Cast Out, but I had already played my land for the turn... And it was an enters the battlefield tapped land.


I mean, how often does that kind of situation come up? I definitely should have slowed my roll a bit (Notice this theme? I think I sure am, even though I'm not acting on it well.) and played Gonti and then think about my land drop. But dropping lands first thing in the turn is a big habbit, I didn't think I'd need eight mana and nine for a potential drawing of The Scarab God would have been good shits but I slipped up. Didn't think. Got beat because of it.

Live and learn or something. Goodness, that stung, though. Took me out of winning prizes from the league. 40 points. Boo. Like losing four dollars if you think too hard about it. Which I try not to.