Finding a groove

Switched up my Magic Online stream layout again tonight. Nothing really fits right with it and OBS. My monitor is like 1920x1200 and my secondary is 1280x720. Whichever I use for Magic Online, getting a stream layout where I'm not wasting too much space, but can put my webcam and other information seems... tough. I did some research, but not much was found.

I guess I keep digging.

I did three matches of Grixis Energy again tonight. I don't know why I keep trying this deck. Perhaps because it tops tournaments and people sing its praises, but I sure don't get it. It feels so sloppy and broken. UB Control may have its problems (Like, I don't want to play Bontu's Last Reckoning, for example.) but it feels more consistant. I don't know. Dominaria can't come soon enough to shake up this Standard because I just can't find a home in it.