I threw away a game on Magic Online tonight.

Game three againgst Snakes and Ladders I go "I don't need Fatal Push, what does it do for me!"

Except kill the Snake, the biggest key to the deck. Plus Walking Ballista.

I wanted to fit Negates and Duresses into my deck for dealing with Hadana's Climb and their protection (Negates and Blossoming Defense), but I just completely forgot the fundamental thing that my deck wanted to do. If they had no creatures, Hadana's Climb didn't matter. I just had to time my pushes well.

So that was a learning thing. Now I need to not make that mistake again. I find that is the hardest thing as Magic Online with its time limits pressures me in a way where I make silly mistakes because I rush. But on the other hand, it is training me to think faster and punishing me harder for making mistakes while I think faster or think too slowly.

This is a lot of work for a game, but somehow it is fun.