Last and First

The store I goes to for Friday Night Magic does two tournaments. Standard and alternating Legacy and Modern.

I got last place in Standard and first in Legacy.

What can I learn from this?

Well, I’ve played lots of games with Grixis Delver and not as many with Blue Black Control.

Experience must matter.

I also think I overside. My sideboard game in Legacy isn’t perfect, but I know the basics of what I want in different kind of matchups.

Considering I played three games each round, I lost at least half the games post sideboard. So I need to think more about that process.

I keep saying I’ll stick with this deck or that, but even though I went 0-3, it was the best I felt playing in a while. Coupled with Thursday’s Standard Showdown, this is probably my deck until Dominaria, which is going to shake things up.