I forgot to blog yesterday

I just lost a 31-day streak on blogging. That kind of stings. Somehow I just forgot to. I had the time, but I put it off and things happened and then bam. No blog post. Thirty-one day streak ends.

Although that is a pretty good streak for me. Now I just have to beat it.

In fact, looking back on February (Holy shit, it's March), I blogged 27 times, streamed 17 times, read 3 books and finished 0 games. Whoops on that last one. Well, I have been focusing on Magic, and on iOS I have been playing that damnable Trap Game where I got to the "time limit room" eight fucking seconds late last night, so that felt bad but also good in that I am slowly improving.

Which is a good metaphor for this year. Slowly improve. Each day may not be a success, but let's slowly improve and see where things end up in ten more months.

Perhaps I'll be happy with what I see.