A bad run

I've been practicing a lot with Grixis Control for the PPTQ coming up next week. Well, it's mostly Blue and Black with some Red splashed for Abrades, Angrath and Nicol Bolas. Those three are some very powerful cards.

Tonight I got smashed, though. I let myself tilt after a bunch of games where my draws were just bad. I mean, we're talking keepable hands that never see a third land after cycling.

I made a big mistake one game by tossing a land into the graveyard with Search for Azcanta when I should have taken it so I would be at four lands and could start casting Glimmer of Genius. But I was so tilted from my previous excessive mulligans that I started playing too fast.

Again, I really have to start slowing down. I know I keep saying this, but I ruin my own fun by just doing things that don't make sense or at least make sense in the minute but the second I do them I realize how dumb they are.

I'm a bit worried that the deck has too many two and four drops and not much around the three area other than Disallow, and its UU requirement worries me.

I am kind of doing okay with it on Magic Online, but I'm just not sure if it is what I want to bring to the PPTQ next week.