Learning to fly

I am impatient.

I always have seen myself as a "control" player in Magic, but I am not much of one since I am so impatient. I lost a few games tonight because I hastily took things I shouldn't have with The Scarab God, did not respect the possibility of double Lightning Strike hitting me when I had a Gearhulk in hand that could have gotten me some extra life to stay alive one more turn, and so on.

I need to slow down. The breathing exercises I have been doing do help in some situations, but I am still impatient. And I need to work on that. The number of Magic Online button mistakes I have made recently is still not zero, but they are decreasing because I am paying attention to it.

This is progress. Now, I got in six rounds of practice with this Grixis (well, basically UBr) deck. 3-3 so far. 2-3 in the league, which is not great, but I did start off another league with a win, so that is good. Plus I beat Mono Red, which is a tough matchup.

I just have to keep talking myself through the plays, thinking about them - not too long because there is a clock - and practice my way towards next week's PPTQ on Monday, our national holiday.

Woo. Three day weekend.