Doing the less fun

For some reason I thought I wanted to do a sealed event in Magic Online tonight.

I did. All I got was frustrated.

My pool was bad. I got beat by someone who had three of the Elder Dinosaurs and the ridiculous red uncommon from Ixalan.

But that's sealed. And outside of pre-releases and PPTQs or GPs, I don't think I like sealed. And that is mostly because it is a way to get Planeswalker Points, potentially qualify for things or win stuff, and also build up my collection. But with Magic Online I don't really want to build up a collection. I just want my Legacy deck, maybe a Modern deck I'll put together sometime and a Stanard deck to pracitce with.

So I have to stop doing sealed online, unless it's a PTQ. I did that the other night and that was fun. But this regular sealed event online? Not as much fun. So I won't do them anymore.