PPTQ Dominaria 2/4

Hm. Well, I went Grixis because I have been playing it a lot lately. But I didn’t like Whirler Virtuoso, so I cut it for four Dire Fleet Daredevils.

I think they did well. The opponents often had things I wanted to steal, and first strikers made for confusing moments for several fights. Even against God Pharaoh’ Gift I was getting to draw cards.

Glorybringer honestly felt underwhelming. It was often killing things that weren’t too exiting and felt a bit slow. Rekindling Phoenix was a champion. Even if my opponents took care of it, it wasn’t just with one card most of the time.

Grixis really has a problem with enchantments. Consign//Oblivion and Commit//Memory might be making their way into the decks. Negate isn’t enough.

I think four Vraska’s Contempt definitely need to be in the 75 to deal with stuff that just sticks around way too long.

Other than some shitty draws, I was pretty content with how the deck worked. I tried one main Duress to try to play with the Daredevils, but I don’t think it was worth it.

I’m probably cutting the Glorybringers for Gearhulks, and try to find space for some of the bounce. There are too many artifacts around to not be running red or green and as long as Second Sun decks are around, Blue is needed too, I feel. With the Scarab God as good as it is, I think Grixis is the way. It just needs tuning.