I'm at some sort of stuck place in Magic where I go 2-3 in tournaments. I just do. I can win the first two rounds, and then I will lose the next three. Just tonight I got to the fifth round of a PTQ, 2-2 and yup, lost the game. Mulliganed a good amount.

Oh, I don't want to whine. What's a bad beats story good for anyway.

But dammit. There is this block. And I know it has to be some mistakes I am making. Maybe it's tilt from the multiple muligans I always seem to get game five. I dunno. It feels like the world, i.e. randomness, is out to get me.

I know intrinsicially this is not true. It is just randomness. And I probably am making mistakes that go back to deckbuilding or sidebording. So there is improvements to be made.

But damn sometime it just feels that way.