Ninth and Third

PPTQ and Standard Showdown today.

I wonder why I play control. A little fumble and you're dead. Missed land drop, etc. But still. Went 2-3 in the PPTQ and got 9th place thanks to tie brakers, but it was cut to top 4 because of sixteen people. So I was far enough. Still. I feel like my practice has been playing off. UB Control has some tuning to be done, but it feels like it has it, but it is hard to play.

Afterwards I went to a Standard Showdown and went 2-1. Red splashing Black got me round three, but again, tiebreakers and I got third place which got me a showdown pack. I pulle shit, but I'm not playing to win cards. I am playing to win. So I don't think I really did things wrong, but I'm sure there is still more to learn and I will be practicing the game this week.

Feeling like I finally have a deck to play, although a bit of me is feeling like I should be playing something else. I don't know why.