Holy shit I win three games in five matches tonight. It just was not happening. I definitely made some misplays, like using deadeye tracker during my upkeep when I was at one, and that could have been a blocker to buy me a turn. But I merged out that with twelve lands left in my deck and thirty some cards remaining I should be able to grab some of the remaining removal. I drew two lands but I guess that is punishment for being cocky.
I really messed up the final turn against a panharmonicon deck because I was confused as to what cards belonged to what player under Hostage Takers. One wrong click and suddenly my opponent just did like eight panharmonicon triggers and I was dead on board. It felt real bad.
So, I feel confused. I don’t think my deck is bad, I just don’t know how bad I’m playing and how bad the deck is it feels weird. I haven’t felt so confused in Standard for a long time.