Lost and Found

I knew I put last year's tax paperwork in a safe place.

Taxes are easy in Japan. As a part-time freelance translator I do need to take care of them because some years I pay too much in taxes and some years I don't pay enough. Silly system.

But it's easy because I just go to the local tax department with my documents, tell them a bit about my deductables and they (a college student in training it seems like) fills out the stuff for me, I get my payment or refund slip and walk out.

It takes a couple of hours, but I got podcasts to listen to or translation to do. It's funny to be making money while getting your taxes done.

So anyway, while it is easier, having the previous year's paperwork makes it even easier. So last year I decided to put the documents somewhere secret. Somewhere safe.

I searched my entire apartment this afternoon. Could not find them. When I was just about to give up and get dinner I noticed a brown envelope in my work bag. You guessed it: There it was. I had been carrying it with me for the past year.

I guess that's safe?

Anyway, I am ready to get my taxes done, so that is something I cannot complain about.