My PPTQ record was not good today. In fact it was worse than last week.

Variance. Misplays. I had fun, but letting losing not get to me is frustrating.

After draws in rounds two and thre (A Mardu player who I would argue was slow. I probably should have called a judge. I probably should have watched the clock.) And then versus UB Control which was a grind and when I beat him game two after losing game one the "Time's up!" bell rang. And I groaned.

I wasn't exactly tilting, but when my round four opponent was hemming and hawing over something I said "Look> I drew two rounds. I do not want to draw again. Let's play faster." Then he scooped. In a sense it felt like I forced him to do so, but on the other hand I had the board quite dominated and he was stuck on three lands for the past few turns. I wasn't going to win next turn, but it would have taken a lot for him to pull out of his situation.

Then I lost to Mono Red. It's funny becasue I played against Mono Red in a Standard Showdown I went to after the PPTQ. I beat them. That is what my deck should do. It just did not want to against my PPTQ opponent. Or I made a misplay I am not aware of.

That is what bugs me the most. Am I playing bad decks? Am I playing poorly? I feel like I'm at a stage with Magic where I don't know what I don't know.

And that is scary.

But I had fun. Which is what I was supposed to do.