A 3-2

There seems to be 8pm seald PTQs on Magic Online on Saturdays.

That's about the time I get home from my day with my son.


Well, I went 3-2 this time. So I got prizes. Just packs, but hey, that is something, and I think I made the best use of what I had. I ended up going Black Red pirates. Very aggro with a few high-end big and black Vampires. But in the end I lost to a control deck that just had tons of removal and took advantage of the City's Blessing and then a Blue/Red deck that had lots of unblockables and good enchantments to go on them.

And I did not have the requisite removal to handle it.

So it was tough, but I got a 3-2 and felt like I got a little bit of a handle on the game. There's a sealed PPTQ a week from Sunday, well, today, so a little bit more practice can't hurt.

But goodness, that round five person just had a stack of solid bombs. Ouch. That's limited, though.