Confidence is not one of my strong points.

I have been working with a deck for the past few days for Standard but right before Friday Night Magic I changed it. I don't know why. I went more Red in the Grixis Control than it was possible It was able to beat the Grixis Energy matchup, but lost to Green Black Control and God Pharaoh's Gift.

I tried out Azor's Gateway and Cut//Ribbons but it just didn't pack the punch that it did in a deck like GB Control. I never flipped a Gateway. It was always removed by GPG or GB Control got theirs online before I could get mine. The looting was nice, but I don't know. It just didn't ever work out. Not enough games maybe?

But I finished the night putting my deck back to what it was. I'll practice with it Saturday night online, do another Standard Showdown on Sunday and take it to the PPTQ on Monday.

I am worried I am making a bad choice, but I don't know what choice too make, so I should probably stick to the deck I have been playing enough repetitions with.