Positive thoughts

I’ve been trying to think positively.

Today I bombed an interview and then went 1-2 in a Standard Showdown.

I’m frustrated. Maybe the interview didn’t go terribly, but the interviewer just didn’t seem that interested. Perhaps it was their fourth interview that day. Maybe they had a bad day. Maybe I just wasn’t a fit. Who knows. I’ll find out the results when I do.

I felt weird afterwards. So I went to a tournament. Standard Showdown. I got a pack and pulled a foil Nissa, The other players agreeded that I got the best pull, which is cool, but I went 1-2. I was more interested in winning. Which, I should probably focus less on. I made a silly misplay in my last game that spiraled to my loss.

I suppose it’s just frustrating when your opponent has the win on the board and doesn’t take it and I don’t even get to take advantage of that. But he got lucky I did not.

Hey, it was just a small tournament. I got practice for the PPTQ on Sunday and a feeling for some sideboard changes to make. Grixis Midrange still feels good and I like playing it.

Tomorrow is FNM, so I’ll try to get lots of reps in. Saturday I spend with the boy. Maybe I’ll be able to play some Magic Online, but I don’t have Grixis built there like I do in paper. So I might not get the practice I want to.

Part of me is itching to play Sultai. Maybe I should practice that online and see how I feel.