Getting sloppy

I went 1-4 in a Competitive League tonight with Gifts Storm. Lots of sloppy play. I was surprised to not see a single Phoenix deck, but I did see a lot of mainboard hate. Lots of decks with Relic of Progenitus in the main, and two with Anger of the Gods that both got me turn three after I had gone off with my one of Empty the Warrens.

Kind of impressive!

But I think I tilted, or at least I let it get to me because I started overthinking and was playing a bit sloppy. Then I lost, and lost, and lost. And lost! Four losses. But I did get a match win and usually a win per match, but some were due to luck and some were due to not-so-bad playing. But at least I shook off some rust before this weekend where there's going to be lots of Modern and Legacy.