I coded today

Little steps.

I had some time today before some translation work came in and I was too tired to do anything else and I just coded. It is a little project, neither of the two "big" ones I am working on. But this little side project is letting me work on different things that I tend to find to be my weaknesses when it comes to coding and game design. So I did a little bit of grunt work that needed to be done for the game engine today, but I made progress.

Honestly, since this is a game of much lower scope that some of my other projects, I am slightly confident in thinking I might be able to release it within the next few months. Of course things can change, but being able to get something done felt good. Yes, I only worked on it for an hour today, but that is an hour more of work than I have put into this sort of thing for the past few months.

And that feels good.