Pointless, but it feels good

My classes were canceled today.

I’m really lucky in several ways with this job.

So, I was a mess yesterday. I’m actually a bit embarrassed about the post, but I’m not taking it down. I need to remember the good and the bad.

Today I slept in, did translation work, handled some bank stuff, took a bag of Halloween goodies to my son, got a haircut, went to Standard Showdown.

I went 3-0. Crushed it. I haven’t done this well in a while. Now, I have to stop myself and remember that this changes nothing. Not really. I just played a game and did well instead of poorly.

But I needed it today.

It was a reminder that sometimes things can go “right”. Sometimes they can go wrong. I actually was mana flooded two of the games I won. Let’s talk about math. A 21 land deck should probably not be hitting land drops more consistently than a 26 land control deck, but that’s not what happened.

But it doesn’t matter what “should” happen. What happened happened and I had to deal with it. And I was able to turn it into wins.

And much like I’ll forget the many tournaments I bombed out of, I'll forget this one I won. It doesn’t make me suddenly the best player in the world.

But while winning was nice, I’m really happy that I played well. I mulliganed more aggressively than I usually would. It happened to pay off this time. I set up plays where I knew I was reducing my opponents’ chances to win while increasing mine.

And I feel like I learned stuff. How to handle this weird Phoenix deck. When to sideboard a bit more aggressively. When to side into a controlling position.

Does this mean I’ll always win as I continue to play this deck? No. Does it mean I’ll never make a mistake again? No.

But it’s a reminder that I’m not a complete failure in everything I do. Some days I’m lucky. Some days I’m on point. Some days I don’t be, but that’s okay.

I’m not fixed, by any stretch of the imagination. But between the people who reached out to me today and my success in a silly little game, I got a little boost of confidence that I needed right now.

And the next thing I need is some sleep. Goodnight, all. Take care. And thank you.