Missing the Obvious

I finished up a Legacy Compative League I started last week when I was still playing Canadian Threshold. I had extra stuff I wasn't using to put together Grixis Delver, but Grixis Control requires some stuff on the pricier end of Magic Online's prices and I don't feel like picking up those copies of Jace, and so on.

Although I do like playing Grixis Control. I'm wondering if I could hock some of the stuff from Canadian Threshold and pick up the pieces for Grixis Control. Anyway. I have Delver. Going to practice that tomorrow night and then decide which I want to run in the side events at the Grand Prix this weekend.

But first there was finishing the League with Canadian Threshold.

I ended up 3-2. I was 2-0 going into tonight where I faced UR Delver, Grixis Control, and Lands. I made slight misplays against UR Delver and Lands which cost me the game. It's funny to me that I beat the deck I want to be playing, but that's Magic sometimes.

The thing about both of my losses is that it was subtle things that caused them. Forgetting to take the fourth Thespian's Stage with a Surgical Extraction led to my eventual demise against Lands. Not that I was in a good position with Choke and The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale making me unable to do anything, but having removed Punishing Fire and Thespian's Stage, had I done it correctly I could have probably run my opponent out of time.

But one little click. I might have lost anyway but I gave my opponent the chance.

I also cast Force of Will when I should have cast Daze against UR Delver and that cost the match. I don't know why I did it. Too fast. Not thinking through the plays. But these little things solidified my losses.

And that's part of what makes Legacy so difficult and so enticing. Now I am sure if I kept playing Canadian Threshold I would find myself playing it better and winning more, but after this weekend's tournament, Grixis is just where I want to be. Delver or Control I'm not entirely sure, but I have more fun playing those decks and I think that's what I need to focus on first and then slowly getting those small details as I continue to play.