Table talk

I made some people mad on the Internet. That’s not hard of course but I had no idea my opinion was so disliked. When I win a round of Magic I say nothing except perhaps I thank the opponent for their time.

I’m not opposed to talking to people. I often cut my opponent’s deck in a funny way and depending on their reaction I have a good idea of what level of seriousness I should have expect from them. Silence, and I know it’s gojnc to be a quiet match. A laugh, and I make small talk.

But if I win, I don’t know how they are feeling. I’m not them. So I leave it all to them. I have had opponents quietly sign the slip and leave. I have had opponents say good game and that's all. I have had opponents laugh and sigh and say it was a hell of a match and they congratulate me on the win.

They lost. It’s not the worst thing in the world but it sucks. So I let them decide how much we chat post game.

I know there are times where I feel like I didn’t play. I’m trying to not let that bug me but it does. So I know I need a few minutes of silence and deep breaths. So I congratulate them sincerely and leave. Sometimes it was a real good match and I’ll feel chatty even through I lost.

Do unto others as the old adage goes.

I feel that if I win I don’t get to judge my opponent. If they want to be quiet, I respect that. As someone who suffers from depression I know my initial reactions can be not the best which is why I stay quiet sometimes other than the respectful congratulations when I lose. At the same time if my opponent gets screwed and doesn’t play the game I don’t say “Good game.” because it wasn’t for them. I think I owe that much respect.