One on one

I didn't see the Twitter account for the one store I played Standard at a few times last month on Thursdays tweet about any tournament tonight, so I drove to another store that did tweet out about a Modern tournament.

There were two of us.

It was a ¥300 entry fee and I won so I got an Iconic Masters pack. It was a trash pack, but hey, they cost more than ¥300, so there you go.

There is a Modern tournament at Hareruya next Monday and I have the Saheeli Combo built and As Foretold Living End. I'm kind of leaning towards Saheeli even though I feel more comfortable playing control, but I think the surprise factor of the Saheeli deck should get me some wins. It did at the big Modern tournament I played in during December and I think it's a better deck now. But I should have some time to practice with both before Monday, so we shall see.