I watched the MBMBaM TV show

There was a long stretch of time where I’d say I didn’t watch TV. Then there was Netflix. And I started watching more TV shows and movies. Then Netflix came to Japan, and the account I was using worked still, but things were in Japanese or had Japanese subtitles. Plus there was Japanese content.

That’s cool.

But some things I cannot get. I have been listening to the podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me for years now. And when the TV show came out last year I was excited. But not even the dark magicks of the Interwebs could be used to get the site it was hosted on to play in Japan. And I was willing to pay cash money!

So it came out on iTunes. And it was $10. So I bought it, watched it, and felt my money was well spent.

There was something else I intended to write about in this blog post and I cannot remember right now. Perhaps if I keep writing it will fall out of me.

The show was good, but like all good things, felt too short. I want more. Of course, that is good because I didn’t get sick of it. A classic trap.

Oh yeah. I watched the show last night instead of playing Magic Online. Because I am still scared of playing Magic Online and video games. And I am not sure why.

I have only failed at being a game designer if I stop making games. I will probably never be the most famous game developer. But if I keep making games and releasing them, I will be a game developer. I am currently not one if I am not making games.

So I have to start acting the way I want my life to be. Because if I don’t, I’ll just be a guy sitting at home watching TV.