Good curry was had

I met up with a friend in Osaka and had some curry. Buffalo Curry is the name of the restaurant. Look it up. It's pretty damn good curry. A tad pricy, so I don't always get it. But special times.

It was nice to meet up and chat with a friend. Even if you only know them mostly from the Internet. And good food is good food. But since I knew he's a family man, I brought my Modern deck and went to a tournament afterwards.

2-1. Okay. Pretty good. Mono Blue Living End beat Temur Faeries (?) lost to Black Green Tron (I gave the guy game three after opening a hand with one blue source, a couple of cycling cards and just cycled into nothing while he was ready to assmble Tron turn three.) Then I beat Grixis Death Shadow in what was a tough but enjoyable matchup.

I felt really bad after yesterday's loss. Today I just focused on having fun with a silly Modern deck. And I did better. So focusing on the play is a good start. It was as equally important as yesterday's tournament - as it was not. But my feelings are entirely different. I went in without putting pressure on myself and had fun, even when I lost.

This is progress.