Grixis Midrange At FNM

It took the winning list from a Hareruya tournament and brought it to FNM. I went 2-1. Came in second because I lost to the guy who got first.

Beat the mirror, lost to tokens and beat URb which was splashing black for The Scarab God.

I could chalk up my loss to tokens to drawing no wipes and having to mulligan down to five, but really, Grixis just cannot handle enchantments.

Discard and more counters after siding is not bad but still. Any resolved enchantment spells trouble.

Angrath performed excellently. The constant discard and life loss were devastating, and I even won a game with his ultimate.

Gonti feels great right now.

Commit//Memory might need to be in the main or side. It works with Gearhulk so it’s not really that bad of a deal.

Rekindling Phoenix was good. Even when I just played it and made the opponent use two cards to take care of it, that’s good stuff.

I like the deck, but I’m worried about white enchantments. Might have to just bite the bullet and go Sultai.