Trap Adventure

So I downloaded TrapAdventure today.

You probably heard of this game. Or you have heard of games like it. Take your basic Mario-esque platformer and fill it with tons of traps, unexpected deaths, and moments that will either infuriate you or make you laugh.

A lot of these make me laugh.

It also handles IAP in a pretty nice way. You could play the game entirely for free - but only with one life each playthrough. Then for roughly a buck you can unlock a mode where you get some lives. That's nice.

It also gets easier the worse you do.

Well, not exactly. The rooms are the same. But every death or room completetion earns you some experience points, which never go away as far as I can tell. Every 1000, you get an extra life for your attempt. So dying over and over again actually pays off by giving you more chances.

The game is still hard as hell and I haven't cleared the sixth room yet. But I'm laughing and having a good time.