Dirk Gently Season 2

It took me some time to warm up to this one.

The returning characters were mostly good, the new characters were nice. Even though it's a weird show with weird stuff going on, the whole "fantasy world" angle felt like a bit too much. Yes, they did time travel in season one, but this fantasy world felt a little... too weird for a show that gets a lot of humor out of being weird about normal things.

That and they spent too much time on everyone beliving in Dirk and Dirk not beleiving in himself. Yes, a flip on the first season's way of doing things, but we all knew how it was going to end, i.e. Dirk figuring it out, so him being all mopey felt like it dragged a bit. Yes, the realization that he was "responsible" for deaths should weigh hard on a character, but it felt like it was just delaying the inevitable.

Mostly enjoyable, though. I do think I like the first season more just because the fantasy world didn't really do it for me and the "mystery" just wasn't as fun to think about.