Is thirty enough?

I have been using the app Streaks now for a few month to try to log things that I want to do each day.

Plank. Situps. Blog. Floss. Lift weights. Wash my water bottle.

Some of them seem silly, but I have often left my water bottle in my bag and that is not nice if you do it over the weekend. So I have a little app of things to check off each day.

I don't know if doing thirty situps a day is going to get me healthier, but doing them has become easier. Somedays I squeak in thirty-one or thirty-two. Thirty-three if I'm feeling extra naughty.

My worst one is this blog because I put it off until I notice it's midnight and I have nothing to write about. And no real punishment if I don't write. Other than not having a streak. This one will make three. I missed a day. I had some good streaks going, though.

One I added recently is "Read for 30 minutes." It is actually kind of hard to fit into the day. But I'm finding time for my Kindle and chopping away at the books that I have picked up over the years.

I'm reading Snow Crash right now. I quite like it. The casual writing is a bit jarring at times, but that is part of what makes it fun. And hey, they say if you want to write, read. So if I am going to have a Streak log for writing, I should have one for reading.