I saw an apple

There was a young girl eating a candy apple outside of the station. It seemed weird to me, and I had to think about why.

That might have been the first time in my life I saw more than a bite taken out of a candy apple.

She had eaten half of it. I know I have had candy apples in my life, but it feels like I never got past the first bite. I don't care for them. Much like how I do not care for sugar cookies. I like sweets - just look at my gut, but something that is just pure sugar, like a candy apple, just feels like too much.

For some reason a candy apple brings back memories of night time, probably the Xmas season, and going to a shop of an acquaintance of my mother’s. There was something going on there and I had a candy apple. And was sitting in the van my parents had for many years until an accident totaled it. That and the half eaten candy apple are my go to memories for that food that I don't particularly care for.

Caramel apples might be okay, I suppose. But I don't recall eating one of those in my lifetime.