After a weekend of sealed RIX

Well, I pulled some of the "bigger" cardsd. Two Phoenixes and two Blood Suns. Nothing that I think I am going to use any time soon. Everything hinges on the bans coming in a day or so.

We'll see when Magic Online gets RIX. It's supposed to be the 15th, but I assume that's like 9 AM Pacific or something? I'll be checking tomorrow just in case, but just like the ban annoucements, I am likey going to have to wait until Tuesday to do some drafts/sealed online.

I'm really not sure where Standard is heading. Everyone at the shop today seemed to be getting pieces together for Vampires, Merfolk or Dinosaurs (No Pirates. Hm.) but they were mostly making them for fun, Vampires seeming like the only one that might have something actually going for it.

If Energy is banneed hard, I might mess around with the Drake Haven deck I built, although I don't see much that RIX adds to it. Maybe a Nezahal in the side for mirrors/control matchups? I kind of want to find a home for Dire Fleet Daredevil, but we shall see about that.