Slow creep

If I haven't said it before, and I am sure I have, I hate driving.

Yesterday I was greeted with a snow-covered car, today it was just solid ice. The roads were also terrifying what with the ice and the cars dropping their snow remnants from yesterday.

It was an icky drive.

Rivals of Ixalan comes out next week, so it is pre-release time. I'm too old for this shit, but I still am going to a midnight pre-release because some kind of fun like this every few months seems warranted. Although I know it is going to have me feeling not so hot at the beginning of next week. But hey, carpe diem, right?

I am actually quite hoping for some ban next week because Standard is just getting boring with all the energy decks. I played a little tournament the other day and everyone was on an energy variant. I don't think I saw a single Ixalan card, either. Maybe one of the reprinted lands?

I loves me some bans. It's so interesting how one card leaving a format can shake things up so much. Reading through the Rivals spoiler, I can't see anything that will really mix up Standard as it is right now. Unless Attune with Aether, Rogue Refiner or Whirler Virtuoso (Probably the true culprit of these dull matchups.) get the axe.

Maybe nothing will happen, though. Then even though I have been trying to make Sultai work, I should probably just go 4C Energy because it's a stupid good deck that wins, and I would like more wins.