Must we let it snow

Well, Xmas is over and thus Winter 2.0 is in full swing. It snowed for the first time today. My car was covered and I made it to work just in time. Had to be safe. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad and stopped soon after I arrived at work.

The students really liked playing in the snow.

I just feel really, really cold.

Last night I played in a four-person Magic tournament but just lost every single round. Going 3-0 wouldn't have done anything for my yearly status, so it doesn't matter, but wow did it feel bad to just compeltely lose. It made me feel inadequate as a human being.

Now, it's just a game. Let's put that aside, though. I did something and did not do well and it made me feel bad.

Part of it was luck. Round three my opponent used up his hand at the end of my turn and drew the exact card he needed for lethal damage. I had activated Glint-Sleeve Siphoner around five times but never saw a Negate. Died with plenty of lands in my hand, though. I was fighting an uphill battle. Had I not attempted to kill one of his creatures and get the Blossoming Defense out of his hand then I would have still be in a bad position. And he topdecked Larger than Life, which was enough for lethal. What could I have done differently? Had I not attempted to use Vraska's minus ability on his Longtusk Cub, and instead just held back with one removal spell that Blossoming Defense was going to get anyway, I really don't think I could have done much else. So it goes.

Okay, so I could go into details on the games themselves deeply, and perhaps I did make mistakes. Or perhaps it was bad luck.

I just see people happily losing at the game and I want that. I want to take things in stride. I don't. So here's the thing, do I learn to do that or do I accept my emotions and let them be what they are?