Mistakes made

During winter break I was informed that after teaching my adult English class in the morning I was to rush over to on of the more rural schools in the "city" in which I live and teach.

Okay. No plans, no schedule, no nothing. But I've had worse days.

So I arrive and one of the other English teachers is there as well. She shakes her head. Apparently there was some mistake where I was written down for today and she was put down for the 19th, the day I am actually supposed to be at the school. A bit of confused chatting goes on and we eventually find out the teacher in charge of this school's scheduling switched our names on two dates. But it was too late.

So I ate lunch, did not actually have any classes, and then hung around until it was time to go home. I cannot complain.

In ten years of doing this job (holy shit) I have had mixups like this three or four times. That's a pretty good record. But it is a weird way to "start the new year". Except this is the third semester and the new year starts in April.