Fatal Push 2

Unf. Came in third in tonight's Friday Night Magic and earned myself another foil Fatal Push. So that's two. There are still a few more chances for me to grab numbers three and four, which would be nice, but two is a nice number. Some decks just run two of some removal.

I pulled out matches two and three. Little bit of luck. Lots of beats with The Scarab God. The thing is good. I made two misplays against Ramunap Red and both cost me the game. Silly, silly misplays. I need to relax. Funnily enough, once I was sure I was out of it after losing round one, I ended up in third place. So if I can only remain calm during round one, I can do better.

This is just Magic but the more I play the more I see parallels to my own life. Making decisions too rashly without thinking through the whole situation. Thinking things will work out if X happens, but not accounting for what if it doesn't. Figuring out how to make do with what I have.

The game frustrates me at times, but I love it. And it makes me think about more than just the game.