I found out this afternoon that I got $2.49 from a Twitch Prime subscriber. I am not about to go quitting my job, but this is kind of exciting. I teach, I translate, I make games, I have the Fiesta Patreon, and even Twitch is giving me a little cash.

Okay, maybe it will never grow from this. But it makes me think about how ""diverse"" my funds are.

I feel like I would like to have only one "job". But that does not seem to be how the world works right now. Especially for a divorced person paying child support and still paying off college debt. Not that I am complaining too much. My life is pretty good.

But just "one" feels like a dream. Well, at least for, ""creatives"" (ugh) like myself. I dunno. I just cannot see myself at a regular job anymore. I don't know if I'm just not employable, or just don't want that. I do have this urge to make that is taking a beating from life. I am so tired after a day of teaching. I feel this "tickle" to code, but I just don't end up doing it because I find myself passing out from exhaustion. Or doing translation work.

I'm complaining again. It is not that bad. I have been able to stream every day this week so far. I got to spend last Saturday with my son and spent Sunday slinging some Magic. Who am I to complain?

There is this feeling that something is missing, though. And I don't know what it is. Maybe I don't need to know. Maybe I just need to keep doing.