The Replay

I started my Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age HD playthrough that I promised to do if the Fiesta broke $20k this year. We went $23k. Damn. $4k more than last year.

Actually, looking at the data, that's been the trend. Since 2013, every year has roughly been $4k more than the year before. Roughly.

Speaking of rough, Final Fantasy 12! I played through to the first "big" boss, the fire-horse thing. This is one of the most memorable parts of the game for me because I remember just putting the controller down and letting the Gambits handle the boss.

They did it again - in HD!

Well Amelia cough died. Oh well. And some of my characters got poisoned. But otherwise, just put that controller down, get a good stretch in and hey, dead boss.

Ah, as much as things change, they sure do stay the same.