Trading terrors

I play Magic. I am not in in to make money. Some people are. I wasn't in the main event at the Fall Grand Prix Shizuoka 2017, so I was wandering around the side events waiting for one I wanted to play in to start.

A few Japanese people asked me to trade. They would point to cards in my folder, and I had a rough idea what they would sell for in a store, but I knocked down the price a bit becasue trading. They nodded. Then they would close my binder, say thanks and leave.

I only ended up trading with three other foreigners.

One is a guy I ran into before at another Grand Prix. He wanted a few things I had, and I grabbed some stuff. It was cool

At the end of the day, before I left, this guy asked me where I was from. I said America. He asked if I could "move" some Foreign Black Bordered Fourth edition lands. I said that's not my deal. He asked to see my binder.

He looked, asked some prices, I said. He seemed confused. At some point he asked me something and I mentioend that I lived in Japan. He thought I was a serious trader who was in Japan to trade and make money. Not me. He did see a few things he wanted that I was not going to use, so I grabbed a few cards that I could use.

Then another guy asked to see my binders. This guy was serious. His binder was full of Power 9, dual lands and other expensive cards in multiples. I flipped through and said "Well, all I really need is an Underground Sea. How much for a beat one?" I don't care about quality as long as it's playable.

So he pulled out two beat Underground Seas, told me the price and said I could pick the one I preferred. Same price. Then he went through my binder at a blistering speed, pulling out stuff and saying prices. It was quite intimidating. But he managed to grab enough stuff that I was never going to use and it totaled how much he thought the Underground Sea was worth. So I got a roughly $300 card for a bunch of stuff I pulled out of packs I bought as tournament fees or won as prizes. Not bad.

But the way these guys (both from Europe, but I think it's more about how serious traders they are than their homeland) acted was kind of... jarring. It was just so fast, no nonsense, just "This is what I'll offer you. If you don't like it, whatever."

I got what I want and don't feel like I got ripped off. But I feel weird. It was just so serious. But hey, I ended up with four expensive cards that I will use and dumped a bunch of stuff that has been rotting away in my binder.

Who can complain?