A fear

I made a "gaming rig" earlier this year. My idea was to stream a lot.

I've barealy streamed.

I don't know why but I'm afraid to. It's stupid, but when I sit down to stream I get this "Do you think you should be doing this?" Then I don't. It's a weird feeling because I talk in front of people for my job. Playing games poorly on the Internet, and I don't get many viewers when I do stream, isn't much of a thing.

And yet for some reason I am terrified of streaming. I have no idea why. I want to play games. And setting up the stream is barely any work at this point. But I don't do anything. I don't know why.

What makes a person feel like they want to do it and then have another part of them prevent themselves from doing the thing they want to do?

Humans are stupid.