Drawn blood

Annual health check today. I'm thirty five this year, though, so that means they have to check my blood.

I nearly got sick.

I hate it, but it's the reaction I have. I got pale. People kept asking if I was okay. I was hoenest. I tend to pass out when blood is drawn. I get light headed and boom. They scheduled the blood taking last and I laid down for what felt like a long time.

I should have looked at my watch.

I am not sure if I passed out or not, but I feel like I had my hand over my eyes, blocking the light for quite some time. I vaguely remember being checked on once. Twice? I am not sure. They put a blanket over me at some point. I was laying on basically a bench. High tech stuff. Well, it had cushions and a mat for people who need to lie down to have their blood taken.

Embarrassing? Kind of. I cannot control this though. It has happened every single time I have had blood taken since... high school? Just the thought of it gets me woozy. They even retook my blood pressure because I think it was off due to me freaking out before the blood being drawn? Or maybe something about the blood pressure says I am actually okay.

It is all in my head. But damn, the brain is powerful.