Lost Sphere demo impressions

Tokyo RPG Factory made Setsuna which was one of my favorite games in a while. So when I heard there was a demo for another game by them, heck yeah.

I’m actually writing this as I stream the demo.

It feels a bit like Setsuna. The character models, the font, the little pixel faces for characters in menus.

Nice music. A Chrono Trigger-ish battles. Even the world map feels familiar, but that’s not really a bad thing. If they are going to put out an enjoyable rpg every year or so, I can dig it.

Okay. So I said the battles are CT-ish. But you can move your characters around before xonfieming their attack. Well, it’s more of a shadow of them. But this implies positioning might be important in the game.

It kind of was in Setsuna, but there you had to basically know where different skills would leave your characters. Speaking of skills, each has a cool down timer for how many different actions need to be taken by that character before they can use that particular move again.

The story shown in the demo was enough to have me curious. I want this game now. Good job, Tokyo RPG Studio.