Oh, it's Saturday

I was staring at the list of my recent blog posts and wondering "Why is my lastest one listed as being posted on Friday. I thought I had a little streak going here!

And then it hits me.

So hey, I have tomorrow off! The last "day of summer" before classes start. Going to make the most of it. Been translating a lot tonight to let myself enjoy tomorrow.

Well, not really "translating". Doing my ""favorite"" part, which is the review. It's important! Oh, do not get me wrong, I realize it is important to go over things and make them sound more natural, find any mistakes, improve misundstandings or vague lines that sounded good when I was first pounding them out.

But I have to come face to face with my writing, which is. Ew. How often do you think I read my own blog posts? Did you guess zero? Congratulations! Have one free nothing.

But while I did this checking, I had my Nintendo Switch by my side and grinded up the spell magic levels in Secret of Mana. Not necessary, probably, but having a little finger-play while reading stuff helped me feel a bit more sane.

Plus, now I can do hella damage with Shade's spells. Aw yeah.